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The Full Length Music Strategy

This 142-page document includes in-depth information and assessments of Indy's music ecosystem. The general content of the report includes: Indy's music vision, benchmarking and regulatory assessment, asset maps, ecological assessment, economic impact assessment, global best practices, and strategic recommendations.

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Executive Summary

Individual Resources

Benchmarking and Regulatory Assessment

We reviewed all local, national and international literature relevant to both the industry profile and ecosystem assessment objectives, benchmarking Indianapolis with other like-minded cities both in the United States and abroad. We then undertook an extensive review of Indianapolis’ music policy. This is compared and contrasted with the benchmarking studies completed. This stage encompassed interviews with staff members and desk research, providing Indianapolis with the most comprehensive music policy infrastructure in the area and significant competitive advantage to other cities.

Asset Maps

Music-related uses in Indianapolis. This ecological map aims to identify all music assets in the city, including live music spaces, recorded music spaces, music education facilities, independent and local industry professionals and companies, including labels, promoters, agents, etc.

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